Hear The Hits From Todd T. TaylorSinging All The Oldies For You!

  • Hits From The '50s!

    Todd T. Taylor sings great hits of the '50s, including Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, Bill Haley & The Comets and many more! If you enjoy the music of the '50s, you won't get it performed any more beautifully than by Todd T. Taylor!
  • Hits From The '60s!

    Todd T. Taylor sings great hits from '60s artists, including The Temptations, Frank Sinatra, Dion And The Belmonts and many more! Considered the "glory era" of Rock N' Roll, Todd T. Taylor brings it's majesty back with his soulful renditions of the greatest hits of the era!
  • Hits From The '70s Up!

    Todd T. Taylor sings great hits from '70s, '80s and '90s artists, including The Bee Gees, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more! Rock found it's greatest sales peak in this era, and Todd T. Taylor's perfect renditions will remind you why!

Todd T. Taylor's Bio

Image: Todd T. Taylor

One of the most popular D.J.'s and highest rated Disc Jockey for many years in many cities across the United States and especially while on WHLO 640 Radio in Akron/Canton, Ohio. Additionally, he was a world class programmer receiving numerous Gold Records for his ability to pick hits before they were hits! Many recorded promoters would call on Todd T. to give their new 45's a listen and ask Todd's opinion on whether or not the song had a chance of becoming a hit. A number of times Todd suggested they flip the record over as Todd could hear the B side was better than the side they were promoting.

And many times they did and the B side became the hit song.

For more than 5 years now Todd T. Taylor has been singing all the hits he used to play on his radio & television shows. But one thing Todd is adamant about and that is he will only sing songs that sold more than a million copies. Todd states there are just too many great songs that still need to be sung and Triple T. sings them just like the original song was sung and many times even better.

If you attend just one of Todd T. Taylor's concerts you will easily realize that he sings and sounds just like the records and the singers who made the hits famous while he was growing up and while in Broadcasting for so many years.

It's the guy who was one of the most popular D.J.'s and highest rated Disc Jockey for many years while on WHLO 640 Radio in Akron/Canton, Ohio. Additionally, he was a world class programmer.

Triple T. has been performing in Florida and all over Ohio at Clubs, Bistro's, Private Parties, Class Reunions, Alumni Banquets, Polar Express, Summer and Fall Festivals. He appears at more than 127 shows yearly and also in more than 30 parades each year. He wows every audience with his High Energy, Non-Stop 'Tribute To The Oldies' show.
Todd T. Taylor sings all the hits from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's right up to present day hits.

While he sings he also entertains with his 'Musical History' of all the songs. He'll help you reminisce the good times you had growing up, your high school days, your first date and he even gets you involved with his Musical Trivia.

He does many voices as he emulates most of the singers that he used to introduce at various concerts across the United States.

Check where and when Todd T. Taylor will be appearing in your area and make plans to be there for one of the best evenings you'll spend in quite some time.

Triple T. makes everybody happy, he makes you smile and he gives you a super warm feeling like the one you had during your High School Days and dating years.

Todd T. Taylor is one of our own as he was born in Uhrichsville, Ohio attending and graduating from Dennison St. Mary's. He is the middle son of the late Carmen & Nellie Civiello. Brothers are Rocky & David.

Todd was destined for great things as he was always known as the innovator and one with tireless energy.

Todd graduated in 1961 and within a few weeks was headed to Chicago to attend Midwestern Broadcasting. He landed his first radio job as the Sports Director in Minnesota. Todd would become a music master and a programmer at various radio stations. He has also worked in Washington D.C., Louisville Kentucky, Chicago, before returning to Ohio and becoming one of the top DJ's at WHLO-Akron, WAKR-Akron, WHBC-Canton, WCOL-Columbus, WIZE-Springfield, WINW-Canton and many other stations. He has programmed many stations, was responsible for updating station formats to top 40 and had Number One ratings wherever he graced the airwaves. Todd also had his own Television Shows in various cities doing a weekly music countdown.

Todd was the right arm of Danny Thomas as he became the Voice of 'St. Jude' and was flown to various locations to host each station radio-thons. His passion to help children caught Danny Thomas' eyes and ears as he quickly became known as the Voice of ALSAC for Leukemia Stricken Children. Todd T., together with Marlo Thomas (That Girl) raised Millions of dollars for St. Jude.

Todd has been the President of the "Radio/Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame of Ohio" for more than 14years.

While still in broadcasting and wanting to expand his horizons, Todd created his own Insurance/Investment Agency in 1973 and continues as the main force and President of what is now known as RMC 'Retirement Marketing Consultants.'

It was only about 5 years ago when some of Todd's friends enticed him to get back into the music business but this time as a singer. Todd picked up a microphone and hasn't stopped entertaining since. His show consists of performing all the Oldies you grew up with and he sings the songs just the way you remember them. Instead of just doing a tribute to a certain singer, Todd T. labels his show as "A Tribute to All the Oldies" and this includes all the hits from the 50's, 60's, 70's and right up to present time.

His show is a super HIGH-ENERGY, non-stop performance with a lot of music history between each song. Remember most of the songs he sings he actually introduced to the music world, emceed them at concerts and is friends with most of the singers/groups. So the entire show is a Musical History tour and there's a lot of comedy also. You'll love the many voices that come out of this one crazy music maestro.

You'll have to see his show to actually believe it and enjoy all the songs, dancing and just plain good ole memories he brings forth.

Todd now resides in Strasburg, at Pine Ridge, with wife Nancy. Their children, Daughter Shelli Lynn, husband Craig and grandchildren Anthony & McKenna, Sons Todd Gregory & Amber, and Brice Anthony and wife Robin try to catch as many appearances as possible.

To contact Todd T. Taylor for your next Class Reunion/Alumni party, or whatever, call 330-265-6671.